Closed Homestuck RP [Petstuck]

[A bit nsfw because of abuse and violence]

Karkat let out a growl, clawing at his handler. The woman with long nails had found him as a child, but horribly mistreated him for 4 years now. Instead of treating him as a troll, she had treated him like a dog. She kicked at him, his small malnourished frame falling to the cold kitchen floor. She let smoke fill the air as she exhaled, putting out the flames of her cigarette on Karkat’s arm. He squealed, and she laughed as she dug her high heel into his stomach in reply to his attempts to curl up. She kicked him again, making him flinch and hold his side. “You worthless runt— I’m surprised I haven’t given you away long before now. All you do is waste my precious money, and sit around like the pathetic shit you are. You stupid mutant. You aren’t even cute.” She walked off, and Karkat crawled to hide in a corner. His ribs poked out of his skin— showing his frail frame. His stomach growled, in desperate need of food. He hadn’t eaten an actual meal in a long time.

It was no surprise when she decided to abandon him. She put him out on the street, dropping him off somewhere in the city. Karkat scrambled off— the car the woman was in driving off. Karkat looked around with terrified eyes as people walked along— leaving him by himself. He curled up in a ball— terrified. People spat at him and kicked him— seeing his pathetically small horns and scrawny frame. Someone even threw a can at him. His stomach growled once more, and he let out a small whine as it began to rain.

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